The best expression to show frustration and anger. Also see fuck my ass
Alexis: Fuck this, fuck my balls.
Chandler: What?
Alexis: EAT, SANTA.
by German Lumberjack December 20, 2008
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This is when you reach boiling point in a videogame and you proceed to scream out 'FUCK MY BALLS' and violently clatter your head against your TV until near death.
Johnny: We're nearly there guys just a few kills left.
Bill:Sorry man I'm dead.
Johnny: FUCK MY BALLS !!!!!!!.
by realsheet April 2, 2015
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"Fuck My Balls", An alternative to the popular "Fuck My Life", used to describe something that pisses you off so much you would like someone to painfully squeeze your balls repeatedly into an orifice.
*Get killed by a noob tubing idiot on MW2* "Fuck My Balls!!"
by TestOfOath March 28, 2010
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