A chemical found in marijuana. Fuckit makes you happily apathetic. From Kat Williams comedy act.
You need more fuckit in your system
by TabiKat May 18, 2008
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A device for smoking marijuana. Normally used when nothing else can be found (ie. papers, a bowl, bong, etc) Fuckits usually consist of tinfoil and/or a plastic bottle.

-Name given when everyone is too fed up with searching for a smoking device.
"Dude, I can't find the bowl... or the papers....."
"Ah fuckit, get the 2-liter. We're making a bowl."

"Screw finding the bowl man, just grab the fuckit."
by Syndicate66 February 10, 2010
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Something any man can say to rationalize a given situation, no matter how dangerous or stupid it is.
1. Guy: Should I ollie this 20 foot gap?
Friend: I dunno man...
Guy: Fuck it!
Friend: Damn that was cool, even if u broke your back.

2. Guy: Dude should I bang this chick?
Friend: I dunno she gets around...
Guy: Fuck it!
Friend: Dude, I told you she might have herpes.
by Fuckit April 24, 2007
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Used when something is increasingly becoming more annoying, difficult.
Person:OMG, I can't solve this math problem!!!
*4 Hours later*
Person:Fuck it, i'll tell them my dog ate it.
by Identity Theft June 24, 2010
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When you don't feel like doing anything you have the fuckits cuz you're like, "Ehh, I could do it, but fuck it. I don't feel like it."
Dude I don't even care right now. I got a major case of the fuckits and I don't feel like doin shit.
by Kari Merchant March 24, 2009
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As explained by part time chemist and full time pimp Katt Williams, Fuck It is the chemical compound in marijuana that, when smoked, brings about higher brain activty in the user which allows said user to notice what is really important in life.
I thought it was a bad thing the eletric company shut down power in my home, but then I smoked a couple of joints, got some Fuck It in my system and didn't care. Ain't like I don't got some candels I've been waiting to burn!
by Jay Dubaya February 22, 2011
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what a lot of people say when they are having hell with something
The damn tv doesn't want to work, so fuck it!
by lunar shadows August 10, 2004
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