Used to scare any random people while yelling it at people out of the car window. It gains loudness from the first Fuck to a full on yell of the final FUCK.
There are some fishermen Fuck FuCK FUCK.
by Fukzor January 19, 2007
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when something goes wrong or you're really annoyed about something you normally say fuck - but this is the next level when something is really bad or a situation is not going as planned and saying fuck just won't cut it
this is the 4th time I've tried to print out something on the damn printer *gives printer a whack* - come on, where's my document??..... oh Fuckery Fuck Fuck Fucking Fucks! you useless printing machine!!!!!
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1. To have sexual intercourse.

2. An exclamation made when stuffed something up.

3. What Bushy and her Schmootzy Poo do.
Girl 1: Guess what I did in the public toilets! :D
Girl 2: *oh god..* What!
Girl 1: I had a Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck .. WITH MY SCHMOOTZY POO!
by Bec Loves Kes :D October 8, 2011
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An expletive to show extreme frustration because something just went terribly wrong, or everything under the sun is going wrong.
Fuck Fuck Fuck! I can't believe this is happening! damn it to hell, goddamn it all to hell
by swearinggame December 12, 2015
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when both parties orgasm simultaneously in conjuction with a condom breaking!!!
Sally's Freind: "Hey Sally, You alright? What did you and Bill get up to last night? You sure made a lot of noise!!!!"

Sally: " Fuck fuck fuck "
by DadddyO August 5, 2006
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Oh dear the object in front of me appears not to be working
when your cental heating breaks down.....
fuck! the fucking fuckers fucking fucked fuck!
7 in a row gramatically correct
by fred November 19, 2003
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