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a position during sex in which a male and female pair secure eachothers ankles together while they are in the splits. In this position the elasticity cuased by their groins stretching in the splits will help the pull out motion during thrusting.
Her " can you do the splits?"
Him "Why, yes i can!"
Her "you are the sex master god, let us do the fuck diamond forever!"
Him "k."
by Dick Tug-nuts May 31, 2018
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The Fuck Diamond is a sexual stance in which a female and male pair both in the side splits are secured together by their ankles or sides of their feet. The elasticity of each participant's groin will keep the pair in continues motion.
Bro."Hey dude, how was that girl you brought home last night"
Dude."Bro she was wild! we did the Fuck Diamond all night!"
Bro."That's rad dude!"
by Dick Tug-nuts May 30, 2018
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