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Fuck butter is the creamy substance found concentrated at the base of the penis, dripping down the scrotum, on the lips of the vagina and always all over the sheets. Primarily, this is "churned" pussy juice that has been scraped from the cock each time it is plunged into the depths.

Fuck butter can sometimes be pink or streaked with pink if the vagina was injured during sex or if the female is ragging.

Also, fuck butter can be green. This is a sign of one fuct up piece of meat, either on the male or female side of the equation. Seek medical attention ASAP!
My wife LOVES to use her tongue to clean fuck butter my bawl sac.
by anonymous December 13, 2004
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A derogotory term used for any type of natural lubrication produced during the act of sex. Used as a vulgar exclamation.
"Aw, fuckbutter! My cock got caught in the belt sander."
by pookie August 30, 2003
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Fuckbutter is the dried residue of cunny juice and cock snot you find under your rim after fucking some dodgy bird the night before
Damn, i need to scrape the fuckbutter from under my rim before i go out again tonight.
by Si August 13, 2004
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A random outburst which can come at the end of any sentance following either a very manly sentance (said very enthusiastically) or following the receiving of bad news (said very angrily)
Karim: WHERE?!
Lewis: *Raises pint glass* FUCK BUTTER!
by Rocky92 July 15, 2009
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A statement of refusal or denial
Leo: " Hey Tom, do you wanna go and see the stuff...over there?"

Tom: "Hell no! Fuck Butter!"
by Barrillo McLoganfieldman April 03, 2008
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