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adj. being walked in on while in the act of having sex with someone you should not be with, or in a place you should not be.
OMG my mom came home early from bingo the other night. Charles and i were doggie style right in the middle of her bed when she walked into the room. it was a complete FUCK BUST!!!!!
by sweetontweety7777 December 12, 2009
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1. To enter an area in a particularly loud over-the-top fashion, usually breaking something on the way in. Sometimes performed utilizing the Sparta Kick. SWAT teams generally perform this with a battering ram.
"the SWAT team had no other option than to fuckbust their way in the house using flashbangs and a battering ram."

Phil: It's a good thing you weren't at the party last night.
Steve: Why's that?
Phil: Because the police decided to fuckbust their way into the house at 2 am just as Jim was about to leave. They kicked the door open so hard they broke his face in three places.
by CrazyMcNinja September 11, 2011
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