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When a guy or girl only wants you for sex and not a relationship. Similar to fuckzoned. Usually is accompanied by some bullshit reason of having got of out a relationship, wants to keep things light, had a bad break up in third grade, is super busy, etc. Opposite of friend zoned because his person doesn't care about your feelings.
Gf #1: Are you still talking to Sam?
Gf#2: Nah, he strung me along but in the end just fuck buddy zoned me.
by Sensitive Sally June 01, 2018
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Fuck buddy zoned is THE equivalent for males as friend zoning is from girls. Many women HATE being fuck buddy zoned it is often as insulting to girls as friend zoning is to guys.

Fuck buddy zoning means someone- usually a male tells you your only good enough to fuck but not girlfriend material.

Sometimes has bullshit reason like recovering from a bad breakup, divorce, too busy with work but also can just straight up be "you're just not someone I want to be in a relationship with" only admitted after the first bonk has happened.

To feminine pride it's often a HUGE insult repeated instances of which can make women feel like roping (suicide) as much as incels want to rope.
*Day after you have sex for the first time.*
Girl- (Lets call her Shawna)--- Hey do you want to go the movies today?
Guy- (Lets call him Leon)---- Uh....yesterday was really fun.It was so hot. But uh it was just fun I don't want a relationship with you

Next day

Girl's friend ------Hey how it's going with your crush LEON?!!!!!

Shawna -------- Bastard just fuck buddy zoned me. I got fuck buddy zoned again and I feel as angry as Elliot Rodger!
by Cristalle5 December 08, 2018
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