Originally derived from FU A-Hole, short for "Fuck you asshole."

However, when used once, it sounded more like FUA Hole, and FUA sounds like a club.

Therefore, the revised definition is the meeting place for the club: FUA.

FUA has yet to be defined as of September 13, 2006
liz: :L_D
liz: SHIT.
liz: i cant even smile
liz: i cant do anything right
steve: wtf?
liz: :-D*
steve: Lol
steve: :L_D
steve: that's cute
liz: hahahah
liz: FUA Hole!
by Korean Stephen September 13, 2006
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Top Definition
It is a safe way of expressing "Fuck You Ass Hole" in an IM or email while you are at work fucking off.
When my friend Arend IM'ed me at work saying something stupid that he thought was funny, but wasn't, I simply responded in the most mature way possible by typing in "fuahole"... I showed him! :p
by thewolve August 17, 2011
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