Pronounced (foo) An exclaimation of disgust when someone screws up or messes up. Also used to berate individuals with no P&D.

Its antonym is Jix.
How in the hell did he manage to screw that up. Fuuuu

you are such a fu.
by fred_berg December 12, 2009
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1. The equivalent of the word fuck when you're attempting to keep your mouth clean around parents, young children, etc.

2. The fu in kung fu. 'Cause we're fucking cool like that.

3. The equivalent of the word fun, when you're still attempting to have a literate conversation while suffering from hapyp (good luck with that, kids. Trust me, I've tried).
1. Oh, hello mom. -stubs toe- AHHHH FUUUUUUUuuuuuu....

2. Oh yah, man. We're gonna do some Kung Fu 'cause we're so cool.

3. Yeah, we're gonna have some fu today.
by Sonny Pestilence August 22, 2006
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As used by movie columnist Joe Bob Briggs, a suffix indicating some specific form of mayhem in a movie.
The biggest fight scene in the Matrix Reloaded has truck fu, spook fu, doppelganger fu, and keanu fu.
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
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That's the F-U! It's named like the F5, because it's so similar!
by lee May 07, 2003
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An acronym for "Force Units", a generic unit of measurement in chemistry.
by Resorath April 08, 2004
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Short for Fecal Urgency. Severe diarrhea that comes on so fast that a bathroom must be found within a matter of minutes because it's coming out no matter what. Often contains little or no solid matter and feels like you're peeing out your ass. Frequently occurs the day after a long night of drinking
Those Jager shots I did last night caught up with me around noon and I had to stop at a gas station for a major F.U. attack.
by Urban_Wordsmith February 26, 2005
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