James : Your ugly asf
Dwayne : so is your dead homie ftn
by ghostedyu January 17, 2022
Fuck these niggas
Girl ya man was just with a different female last night..

Girl bye yk I’m FTN 4L
by Baby_itzE August 5, 2022
fuck these niggas
"oh so he wanna cheat on me? man ftn"
by swv<3 April 13, 2021
Fuck these Niggas
Oh I’m ftn all summer

What does that mean?
Fuck these niggas
by bigdoit June 7, 2022
Fuck the Nazis-most often used as punctuation or a hashtag.
White supremacists are surrounding the site in their red hats and swastika flags. Punch 'em all!! #FTN
by JZap69 October 29, 2020
It can mean fuck the navy fuck the nigg*rs or fort nigh t
Yo see the guy that made this

hes the most real ftn synther
by FTN SYNTH May 25, 2019