FTN is like FTW except it’s not. It stands for “fuck the narrative” and is used like an interjection when you’re about to go OT (off topic).
As a bridge when you’re about to introduce a non-sequitor, i.e:
“FTN, that clown’s shoes were huge.”
by metabiblio December 25, 2011
Girl 1: #FTN
Girl 2: I wish my tits were little
Girl 3: I wish I was confident enough to
by Laurd June 5, 2020
What ?!?!? Did he seriously cheat on you with that girl

You know what FTN you can get way better
by Yourewelcome. March 16, 2018
"for the niggas"
by Fortheniggas February 22, 2014
Well even thoe F.T.N stands for fuck the navy mine stands for fortnite F for fort T for fortttt and n for nite
Wow did you hear About the new player on FTN yeah whats his user. Its FTN Synth
by FTN SYNTH February 20, 2018
Q: whats ur bands name..

A: FTN listen to this song...
by blue blood November 24, 2008