abbreviation for fuck that nigga shit
commonly used in aim
"hey lets eat chicken"
by A the mute July 23, 2007
FTN is an acronym of the same transitional family that MTF , FTM , FTF , and MTM come from; however, in this case, the "N" in FTN is non-binary. FTN means female to non-binary. non-binary is an umbrella term for any identity that is genderqueer or non- cis. The male counterpart of FTN would be MTN.
Hey Sam? Jesse told me they're transitioning, but I'm not sure if they're mtf or what?
No worries, they're ftn. They're transitioning from female to non-binary.
by queerie May 11, 2018
Acronym meaning "Fun Times Navy". Usually found scratched in stall doors, equipment paint, or even painted onto objects using different shades of the same color paint during repeated un-necessary repainting of shipboard equipment. Sailors can hardly hold in their service pride and spread FTN fervently.
Hey, Bob, the Yeoman screwed up my paycheck again for the 3rd time this month and I heard we're getting underway a week early...."
"Man, FTN, Dave!"
"You said it, FTN, Bob! Let's go get shitfaced."
by Qwyietman July 27, 2017
'Fuck That Noise' or 'Fuck The Noise'
As to be used within an unjust situation or conversation as to deflect/repel from.. . FTN.
kid 1: denzel washington got the roll
kid 2: FTN, he's black
by luismi125 July 15, 2009
Acronym for "Fuckin' Thursday Night." Used for parties and other crazy shit that happens on any given Thursday night. Usually dealing with some form of alcohol or drug use as well.
Alex: Drive drive drive! I just lit Tim's basketball net on fire!
Ryan: Dude, it's fuckin Thursday night!

Clayton: No Friday class tomorrow, what's good tonight?
Tim: Just bought a thirty rack and a fifth and ordered some wings. FTN.
Clayton: I'm on my way.
by theGRkid April 12, 2011