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Adj: - multi-word slang i·denti·fier used to communicate the quality, relative size, and shape of exceptional often fruit flavored high quality Cannabis Sativa. Fruity-Bomb-Bombs is commonly used while on the phone with a homie or homies in a parking-lot or at a live concert- explaining the quality of new, cooperatively purchased Cannabis Sativa. Works well for explaining multiple Marijuana attributes to all of the people or peoples anxiously waiting at the car or campsite to get high. Many times the relief of securing great cannabis before live music overwhelms the purchaser with extreme emotion, inducing a temporary loss mental ability, defined by compiling many simple juevenile words into one statement.
We got to the show late and rolled up on some wookie full-up on some fruity bomb bombs for fifty/one-hundo
by Knoxbrando February 05, 2010
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