fruitcake is the definition of dumb, or stupid.
haha! that kid is such a fruitcake.
by seena b September 4, 2021
A term to describe a person who is just a bit too nice or used to describe a mean person in a sarcastic manner.
by AFrickingRayOfSunshine December 24, 2019
What goes down in the shower when one dude hits another dude with a wet towel.
Bro, that fruitcake martini is gonna leave a welt.
by Danethan Rothbert November 12, 2007
Gypsy sucking fruitcake definition 1;

Old lady whom goes around stealing, lying, and telling false fortunes. (noun)

Definition 2;
JamesCG- this term is used to describe a rather irritable and insane individual.
by Riley Bringham August 9, 2012
When a guy and a girl go to a playground and go on the monkey bars.
The guy hangs by his hands with his dick out and gets a blowjob by a girl hanging upside down on the monkey bars.
Guy==Y Girl==N

N:says to her friend hey kaylee i just fruitcaked john!
Y:says to his friend i just got fruitcake by kaylee!
by Reeths-Puffer trash talk June 16, 2010