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To fruit smuggle: to wrangle the trouser trouts by hand.
Fruit Smugglers use both hands and both feet! 1. No green card Mr. Gonzalez?!?... Here let me clean that sweaty brown cock of your's with my tongue! 2. Peeling back the turtleneck. 3. Hunting down a Fruit of the Loom shroom. 4. To peel one's banana for the sole purpose of extracting one's savory sea monkey sauce. 5. Milking his baby batter protein healthy goodness. 6. Pumping, sucking and slurping for hot man gravy. 7. Polishing someone's pungent poopstick pogo pole. 8. Giving CPR to the Supersoaker Sperm Drencher2000. 9. Pacifying the throat with one's turd churner. 10. Nibbling the farm worker's foreskin on lunch break in the greenhouse. 11. Going Vegan and having a severe protein attack, and as a result pulling down someone's boxer shorts for a midnight snack. 12. Scrubbing your throat hard with a 8'3" basketball player's dripping wet hot & sweaty & smelly chocolate log. 13. Tasting your friend's girlfriend's butthole from the night before and saying to yourself "oh yes! please! More! Mmmmm". 14. Getting your chin tickled with cum-filled nutsack. 15. Laughing so hard you shoot cum out your nose, from what you just did a few mintutes ago in a roadside restroom. 16. Having a dinner date point out that you forgot you wipe the toothpaste from your lip (oops! I did it again! Roadside Restrooms! on the way to the restaraunt!) etc. etc. etc. etc. etc....
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