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when someone has frequent and unjustified angry outburst but upon the realization they have no friends left they hand out fruit cups instead of apologies this is done because they don't believe they have done anything wrong but they still need people on their side
Janice acted like a crazy bitch yesterday and thinks this fruit cup will make up for it.. I'll accept the fruit cup apology just because the drama otherwise would be exhausting
by crazyasian March 18, 2015
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When someone can't swallow their pride and actually say "I'm sorry", but give out fruit cups instead, that's called a fruit cup apology.

Sometimes they'll give a sample of mascara, or a shirt from their closet that they don't want anymore, but it's always something they don't care about, and it's always given with the expectation that the recipient will forgive whatever fucked up thing the fruit cup apologizer did wrong. The fruit cup is more of a metaphor than anything.

If the "gift" is accompanied by an "I'm sorry", it cannot be a fruit cup apology. The phrase is only to be used when someone is avoiding having to apologize.

It's made even more pathetic when the person feels the need to constantly tell others that they're a good person. Only bad people fruit cup apologize.
Janice used a fruit cup apology with these old pants last week, but today she didn't like how I shut the cabinet door, so she called me ungrateful and wanted the pants back. Just wait, tomorrow she'll fruit cup apologize with a peanut butter cup.
by Fragglerock March 20, 2015
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