People who know and are jackasses to you. They hate you so much that they want to come slay you in your sleep.
by joeshmoe275 February 05, 2015
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a friend means someone whom you can laugh with and be comfortable around. Someone who you can make fun of and them not take it offensive. also someone who you can share food with.
"hey Sarah you want my pizza I'm full"
"Ya, sure"
Sarah and me are friends
by Angie_marie February 19, 2015
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Somebody that you still care and share alot in common with & hang around alot with. You can trust this person with secrets and goof off with this person. This person is someone who doesn't go off and tell everyone your most embarrassing stuff. This person this person isn't a best friend but is a great friend.

look up best friend
bully- hey, youre fat, ugly, and are a f**king retard.
person getting bullied-(crying)
friend- hey, get away from my friend you freak or else!!!!

a friend stands up for other friends.
i have "friend" but not a real one yet. i hope people reading This can find a real friend who doesn't act or pretend.
by monae.marie November 06, 2012
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A friend is someone who will always be their and has your back. They are there if you need a shoulder to cry on someone who will get you happy when you feel sad they don' make you feel like crap
by omgreally!!!! April 01, 2015
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a friend in need's a friend indeed.
a friend with weed is better.
a friend with breasts and all the rest.
a friend who's dressed in leather.
who's your best friend?

that dominatrix with the big titties smokin' a blunt and beggin' me to fuck her.
by the fishy May 01, 2005
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