Friends Stand United (FSU) or Forever Stand United was initially a crew of Boston hardcore fans that formed in the late 80's/ early 90's.

FSU has grown since then, with chapters in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Upstate NY, and several other locations.

Since the release of the video Boston Beatdown II, FSU has gained negative publicity throughout the Northeastern United States. FSU T-shirts are banned from many venues. FSU members have been accused of starting riots and fights at Boston concerts, and were even blamed for an assault on Moby.

Many blame FSU members for ruining the hardcore and punk scene through excessive fighting. They are known for picking fights in numbers. One FSU member was shot after injuring another concert attendee at a hardcore show in Arizona. They are also generally blamed (along with traveling fans who loitered outside the show, but never actually saw the bands) for the violence which erupted at the Pointless Fest held in Philadelphia in 2006.
did you see the friends stand united kids donkey punch that kid with the hawthorne heights shirt at the blood for blood show?
by stay posi January 27, 2007
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