Something that doesn't exist
She said friends forever before... but now we hate each other's guts with passion
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
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A best friend forever is someone who will never leave no matter how much you want them to sometimes. A best friend forever is a person who loves you so much you already know that your kids will be best friends when you're older. You always have each other's backs when something comes up. You show up at their house whenever. Lastly, no matter how far away you are from each other, you are always helping each other when one of you needs something.
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Associate-level friendship that never reaches "bestie" status.
Ed: I thought we had something.

John: Sorry, slice. We're just friends forever.
by the situation27 November 21, 2010
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1) Used by someone to make you feel special, when really they have 50 best friends.

2) Used to obtain food, etc...

3) Used to sustain genuine strong friendships.

Often abbreviated BFF.
"Hah, you're my best friend forever!"

"If I can have some of that sandwich I'll be your best friend forever!"

"Let's hang tmrw k?

Mark (Your BFF)"
by Azoundria January 9, 2009
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Two girls who are best friends forever, but have breasts (coz they are girls), so become breast friends forever

A girl who is a guy's best friend, is his breast friend
Carla and Sarah are breast friends forever!

Emily is my breast friend!, said Liam
by BruSta November 25, 2018
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The term used to describe the synergy between Wolverine from the X-Men series and Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise in the crossover fighting game "Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds." This pairing is one of the most powerful pairings in the entire game, hence the name "best friends forever."
Man 1: Justin Wong is rockin' that She-hulk/Wolverine/Akuma team into finals!

Man 2: Man, it's the best friends forever. Too bad he's facing off against a Phoenix team; he should have used that Tron for the Level 3 grab and drill assist...
by Sir Gootecks Ross, DDS September 9, 2011
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