The best friend of your wife or girlfriend, similar to a sister-in-law.
Are your coming with us to the game?
No, I have to go over to my friend-in-law's house to put up storm windows.
by Stephen Schaffter June 10, 2005
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A good friend of a good friend. Even if you tend to hang out in the same circles often, this person would only qualify as more of an acquaintance.

Not someone you would desire to hang out with alone. Either because you only talk to the person large group settings and never really directly bonded, or because it's someone with whom you share nothing in common (other than a similar friend) and it would be awkward and uncomfortable to spend time alone together.

Most often it is a significant other's best friend.
"Nah, I don't see Megan anymore ever since Dave moved away. She was only a friend-in-law anyway."
by Jeff Jism November 6, 2007
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For your spouse's friends who are not quite your friends yet.
I have plans to spend the weekend with some friend-in-laws.
by bluehills October 18, 2017
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A friend of a friend (like on facebook) that's not actually friends with you but you have to hang around with them anyway.
"Do we have have Dave here, he's a massive twat"
"Yes we do! He's your friend-in-law now"
by Felix da Pope October 3, 2011
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Those friends you HAVE to be friends with out of respect for someone you actually do like (especially your spouse). You see them at parties you don’t want to go to, you invite them to your parties and they don't bring anything, they friend request you, they ask you personal questions, they tell eveyone you are really good friends, you secretly hope they get a new job out of the country.
"So-and-so, or one of my friends-in-law, just showed up. After he gave me the half empy bag of chips he brought to share he asked me how our bankruptcy was going. Don't tell him personal sh*t and don't invite him anywhere ever again."
by girl on fire November 25, 2011
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An individual of the oppiste sex from yourself, only your friend because they are currently dating your friend.
Meagan, my friend-in-law called me last night because she was wondering what to get Scott for Christmas.
by Jaaang August 28, 2007
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when two people are legally married but aren’t in love anymore, but still like to hang out, laugh and joke with each other. (Don’t take this too seriously lol I’m just trolling around)
-Claire’s parents aren’t in love, but she told me they were laughing together and joking at the family meeting. They didn’t even get a divorce, so I think they’re friends-in-law
by hellothereiamdokay November 11, 2021
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