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Someone who has never experienced the "friend zone" treatment from someone of the opposite sex, and is therefore ignorant to all aspects of the friend zone, and what comes with it.
Dude 1 a.k.a Friend Zone Virgin: Yo, that girl that ran up to you at the football game and hugged you, you tappin that?

Dude 2: Nah, I'm just friends with her, have been for a while.

Dude 1: WHY NOT DUDE?!?!

Dude 2: I asked for her phone number a while back so we could "hang out" and she wouldn't give it to me. I think it's what she had been planning all along, I should have realized it when she wanted to bring friends when we went to the movies...

Dude 1: I don't get it, she talks to you all the time, she obviously wants you!

Dude 2: Nevermind...*walks away*
by Love Doctah December 08, 2009
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