used in some definitions...
some account on when hes defining a word: friend 1: 360 NOSCOPE WFOWEJFEIWOFJIOEWJFEJGIOWJOOGOEWGWEJ IM GONNA REKT U M8 IM A GAMER
by iogroi2 October 21, 2022
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Oscar: Hey dude, look at this video called 2 Friends 1 Fish.
Oliver: I expect it's a video of people eating food.
(A few seconds later...)
Oliver: I am at the wrong place.
by Yiddle Diddle July 23, 2019
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A pornographic internet video, in where 1 friend is receiving a blowjob from a fish that is repeatedly being thrusted back and forth by a 2nd friend while the 3rd friend just records.
Friend 1: “Aye bro you need to watch this
Friend 2: “What is it?”
Friend 1: ”It’s 2 friends 1 fish
Friend 2: “Is this like 2 girls 1 cup?”
Friend 1: “Not really”
Fish: “…”
by Foxhoundx12345 December 19, 2019
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this day is on december 28 and u give ur friends 1 milion roblox because why not
give your friends 1 million robux day
by proxymetiz December 28, 2021
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