a version of gangster people who wish they were super cool and pulled all the girls but really aren't. They usually think they own the world, and are hated by scene kidss. often know little about anything but the fresh environment they have grown up in.
Listens to: Beyonce, Robbie WIlliams, Beastie Boys, JT, 50 Cent, the Game, Britany Spears, any djs, or anything that is 'cool' and on the charts.
scene: oh look at that fresh kid. he thinks he owns this joint
fresh: yeah you wish you had this many girls. why don't u just go and cut you emo.
Scene: oh yeah i'm so emo. why don't you grow a brain
by hxc.babe. February 21, 2007
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Very select few Girls at Nimitz High.(Houston)

"hey them those F.R.E.S.H. girls.... they fine as hell and they run this whole damn school"
by Lil C. July 10, 2008
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1 -FRESH- To be cool or gangsta

2- FRESH- To be dressed well or dressed very cool
FRESH- As in ur so fresh u look like a steven

Im so fresh make rain look like dirt

or damn u look fresh or man dont i look fresh ?

by BIG STEVE 7978 March 12, 2009
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wearing everything new, everyday
sick car with chrome rims
dropping atleast $500 on clothes
wearing only designer ( true religions, seven for all mankind, rock n republic, gucci, D&G, burberry, etc

If your not any of these, then your not fresh.
She's so fresh, check out her jeans

Her car's fresh, look at those rims
by chrissyfresh October 12, 2010
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A reply to say that someone is trying to start a fight with you
"Oi you gettin fresh with ME blad?"
by Serious Potential November 20, 2004
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