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It shows how cool someone is and shit like that. Also, subway sandwiches are no longer 12 inches.
Example 1:
Person 1: Did you see that kid?
Person 2: Yeah, he was acting like he was fresh off the motha fuckin block or some shit.

Example 2:
Etika: You know who it is man, Iceman Fuckin Etika, yeah, we fuckin sound cool. Anyways, you know who it is man, we back for another Ice session. We down here, SLJ Fam, you know what it is man. We shootin the DVD, we in downtown Brooklyn, chillin, bout to get projects for our green project. Right in the middle of the free zone, you know what it is man. Just got out from school man, niggas bags and shit, you see that shit, anyway, we chillin in front of the SLJ Building. The highschool, that I go to but i dont give a fuck, we just here to spit. Right now, we about to kick an Ice Session, with a new MP. F R E S H O F F T H E M O T H A F U C K I N B L O C K
by Nebulaaa January 22, 2017
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