A frequent flyer is a person who is to be considered crazy and a regular at the Office of the Mayor.
A bald sweaty guy walks into the mayors office yelling and flailing his arms. After a couple of minutes of yelling you understand that he is yelling something about the American flag not being made in America.. (I checked it is made in America) and how the Indiana state flag should be removed and replaced with the POW flag.... continues to tell how he fought in the Vietnam War.. Police record shows he was born in 1983.. hmmm.. now return on a regular basis and you are a frequent flyer
by The Recorder August 05, 2009
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A student who asks to leave class to go to the bathroom, get water, go to the nurse, etc. so often that their true motives must be called into question. Most likely a boy with ADHD.
"Don't let anybody leave the classroom."
"Not even to go to the bathroom?"
"Well, we've got a few frequent flyers in here."
"Ah, I see what you mean."
by araparseghian June 05, 2015
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