A french fry is a crusty penis usually of small size, crusty meaning flakes of skin that's hard and brakes off.
jimmy "wow my penis is really crusty theirs flakes all over it"
jimmy " i have a french fry then"
by i dont know what to say on thu February 26, 2019
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The fucking cheapest and best American food in the world
Bob: Yo bro I’m hungry but poor :(
Jim: go get French fries from McDonald’s
Bob: oh shit I didn’t think about that
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by Mamzmzmskksskzp August 22, 2020
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A white man's dick that is hairless, thin, and never gets hard.
Amy: "Ugh. John's trying to make me eat his french fry again!"
Jane: "Just block that man-whore and move on."
by theredcup September 13, 2019
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A French fry is what you call the person you have feelings for even though your dating someone and often you have multiple
Girl 1-he's my French fry but then I feel like I'm cheating
Girl 2-just go with what your heart says gurl
by Jbellyisawesome April 13, 2020
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