1. A deep-fried food made with potato, and originated in Belgium. Bear in mind that the word "French" in the term is a verb, NOT noun.
2. What some ignorant like to call "Freedom Fries"
3. Others simply refer it as fries.
by Jack Cheung June 04, 2005
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Used by fantasy sports enthusiasts; an athlete with negligible statistics, often dangled as trade bait in fantasy sports leagues. Usually a bench player.
"I gave him Chris Bosh for Dirk Nowitski and a french fry, guy."
by The Camel Clutch February 22, 2008
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When you look like a potato and you're also super greasy.
I look like a potato and I've been sweating at the gym all day and I'm so greasy and disgusting. I'm a french fry today.
by reluctant liar July 15, 2016
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A semen filled condom. Long and squishy. Somewhat like a french fry.
Alex: Hey, girl. Where should I put my french fry?
by breixrockstarxoh June 17, 2007
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A female whose fake tan, dyed blond hair, and greasy makeup give her the appearance of a deep-fried slice of potato. Disgusting, yet inexplicably popular among males, especially high school guys and loser 20-somethings.
She is such a french fry! Seriously, that pigmentation is not found in nature.
by CharismaPretender June 11, 2007
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