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similar to a "lil Black dress"...A HOT ass dress that demands ones attention!
"Ladies look here, when you been with your man for a long time
Every time and then you gotta go back in the closet and pull out that freakum dress" ~Beyonce
by J-honey September 02, 2006
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a sexy dress, that every woman has, which shows off her goodies; it's worn to attrach guys (while making her own guy jealous). Also known as a Fuckum dress. This was thought of by Martin Lawrence, not Beyonce.
" go in the room and put on your fuckum dress (freakum dress). You be like fuckum girl, fuckum. Fuckum girl, fuckum. Fuckum girl, fuckum." -Martin Lawrence(You So Crazy)
by Willie Maykitt September 09, 2006
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When you've been with your man for a long time and he is just not treating you right, the freakum dress is that little dress you wear when you go out with your ladies because you've had enough and every fella in the room goes "DWAMMMMM!"

Term made popular by Beyonce
My man hasn't been paying me any attention lately, so I took out my freakum dress, went out with my ladies, and he certainly realized what he was missing.
by DJfreakum August 06, 2011
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