(See Budding Alcoholic.)
Moron, knucklehead, asshole, thug, drunk, drug addict, jerk and all-around loser. And, not to insult gays, probable closeted homosexual.
Usually small-town boys that can't deal with a big city/big school and insulate themselves so their boorish behavior can be reinforced as they self-congratulate one another. Budding alcoholics and drug addicts that care more about maintaining a steady source of their high than the fact that everyone laughs at them behind their backs. Along these same lines, boys who brag about throwing up, blacking out and passing out -- as if they were skill sets. Are usually unable to recall the last time they were laid when (a) they were not falling down drunk and (b) the woman stupid enough (or passed out enough) to engage in sex with this moron wasn't drunk.
He can't even remember if he attended any classes this week.
No -- Frat Boy
by Java201 November 27, 2009
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the quintessential college-aged male usually found wearing abercrombie and fitch and poca shells while getting drunk and acting like an ass.
every single guy on the male version of girls gone wild
by annoymous August 15, 2004
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Also known as a flaming faggot, a douchebag, and an anal rammer, frat boys are indeed the essence of all homosexuality in the universe. They have made a name for themselves in colleges across America for being popular, out-going, and throwing the best parties. Those who believe this have a very skewed perception of reality. In actuality, frat boys have made a name for themselves as the pioneers of faggotry.

Characteristics of a fratboy are as follows, but not limited to: popping one's collar, gelled hair, extremely gay look to their face, short shorts, croakies/sunglasses/sperry topsiders (an attempt to seem like they go fishing when they've never seen the ocean), wearing pink polos (pink is not the new blue queers), wearing 10 different shades of purple (neither is purple douchebags), shell necklaces, and birkenstocks.

Things that frat boys like to do: rape drunken/blacked-out women, pay $450 a semester for friends that don't even care about them, degrade women, do the elephant walk (when new recruits line up buck ass naked and hold the person's nutsack infront of you while walking in single-file line), take homosexuality to a whole new level, and while doing all of this somehow they believe that they are the shit.

Things to do if you see a frat boy: (guys) First and most importantly, if his collar is popped un-pop it immediately. Ignore anything he says, but if he re-pops it punch him in the face. He's lucky he even got a second chance. (girls) Do not be fooled by the illusion of their 'popularity'. These guys are the biggest pricks to ever grace the planet. If you see one, pour the beer that they paid for with there $450 dues right in their face and kick them in their very tiny balls.

Inconclusion: Frat boys raise the bar of all things gay. They're so gay that they make Elton John look like Ron Jeremy. I recommend everyone to disassociate yourself from all frat boys. Please help save the world by un-popping one collar at a time.
See characteristics and things a frat boy would do.
by Jesse Blackmon December 03, 2006
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I honestly do not have the energy to put down everything i hate about Frat Boys. Basicly, this fucktard that i have to share an apartment with is, to put it simply, a confused frat boy. Honestly, the whole fucking sub culture is fucked up. It reminds me of the 80's and the emergence of the Yuppies. I personally cannot wait for the backlash. The huge enormous backlash that must SURELY be brewing against this flood of mediocracy, sexism, homophobia, bland male dominance, parent pleasing hair styles and clothing, all used to attempt to try and disguise the filthy disgusting pervert that hides beneath. Honestly, I feel that i could indeed kill. If I were to meet a frat boy down a dark, deserted ally.... i could write for pages and pages about the ways i would like to kill that fucking cunt.
you see that frat boy, id like to kill that fucking retarded prick, look at him, what a sub human waste of oxygen, we should kill his parents too for raising such a fucktard.
by OUT THERE FO SHIZZ April 08, 2008
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1. A synonym for "rapist"
2. A closet homosexual who feels the need to impress other closet homosexuals by being a faggot and raping drunk girls
3. One who lacks the ability to think and/or act without following a crowd.
Hey, don't be a fratboy, stop raping my sister.

Hey is that an Abercrombie shirt? And hair gel? What are you, a fratboy?

Hey let's go be fratboys and sodomize eachoter.
by Charles Favroth February 19, 2003
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The essence in itself of horseshit. Frat boys are categorized by rank into a few diffeent catergories: Frat Boy, Drunk, Flaming Homo, Shit Head, Meat Head, Prep, Butt Pirate, Turd Burgaler, Dickweed, Burnout, and Douchebag, from least to worst. The best way to destroy an infestation of frat boys in your home is to tell them that you will take away all of their beer and drugs should they stay at your house. The behavior of a frat boy is usually marked by whiskey on the breath, angry demeanor, obsession with wrestling, being in a fraternity, being homoerotic, astronomically limited intelligence, and an existentially felt (but only between frat boys) hate for anything involving commone sense. (See Adolf Hitler, or maybe George W. Bush, and assclown)
My dream is to punch every frat boy in America by 2012.
by The Anti-Douchebaggery Comitee October 08, 2009
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1. Slang name for college men that are members of a

2. a. A derogatory term used to describe any guy that is
cocky and/or an asshole who parties a lot.
b. A derogatory term used towards fraternity members by
those ignorant of what fraternities and their members
actually are and stand for.
"You frat boys are all the same, you just like to party and think that you are better than everyone else."

"Why would we put ourselves on a pedestal? You do know that we do a lot of good things for the school... We are the most active students on campus and in community service. We offer more scholarships than any other student organizations."

by Sean Frum December 11, 2007
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