Spoiled retards that really just need an excuse to get drunk and party. I'm not even finished with high school and i know how fucking stupid these guys are. Apparently, anyone who doesn't join their "brotherhood" is labeled as lame , gay or Gdi. Despite frat boys are well known to pull "pranks" such as sticking their ass in the face of a nearby sleeping frat , farting then posting it on the internet, just one of the many creepy and gay acts of Frat boys. When they aren't doing this, they're banging useless Sorority whores, date raping , lowering their practically non existing intelligence with beer or simply partying. They tend to believe that because their mommy and daddy bought them through everything this makes them special or cool though 99% still end up flipping burgers at 40, it's recommended not to disagree or even have a different point of view than frat boys. If you do, you're obviously either a virgin or simply just a gdi(even if you're not in college). These are common insults when frat boys realize they are sugar coated turds. If you thumbs this down, you know i'm talking about you.
I don't have an issue with partying and having fun at all, like anyone else i do it too, i also know that not everyone who goes to a Fraternity is a Frat boy. Frat boys however are really just a bunch of spoiled dumb fucks trying to be cool and trying to impress their "friends" they bought for $50 a week.

Someone just nuke the Fraternity please, the street is covered in puke and semen again.
by Findaturtle June 07, 2011
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an abercrombie & fitch pussy who usually drives a big truck with loud pipes. usually in denial about being homosexual. dude
Nice monster truck frat boy. Now go jerk off in a room with a bunch of other guys.
by napus antipas March 02, 2004
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1:Someone I never wanted to be.
2:Idiots that think they are the spitting image of Otter, Boon, D-Day, Bluto and the rest of Delta House but have not even seen the movie.
3:Guys that own striped Pollo shirts and don't work at Taco Bell.
4:College educated retards that use a 2,000 year old dead language and still don't understand what the letters mean after living in the same shity house for 6 years.
How do you seperate the Greek men from the Greek boys? With a crowbar!Frat boys suck.
by Krebstar December 11, 2007
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Typically homosexual in nature Frat boy describes an individual or individuals (Frat Boys) involved in a Fraternity from which "frat" derives. Frat boys are of generally low intelligence and amptitude. Their natural habitats are poorly kept housing clustered with old crappy beer cans. Frat boys also suffer from an inferiority complex and excessivley feel the need to prove themselves (often while intoxicated). Frat boys often prey on females with lower intelligence (i.e., Sorority girls) whom are also often intoxicated. It is well noted that they will also happily use date-rape drugs to incompasitate females.
Activities include: Beer Pong, showering together, skipping class, and binge drinking. They are also known to be in trouble with the law.
Also see: Douche bag, closet-homosexual, and moron.
That Frat Boy is a real dick
by RFSMITH December 19, 2007
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At florida State University, either a pike (pi kappa alpha), dtd (delta tau delta), tep (tau epsilon pi) or phi tau (phi kappa tau). These are the boys that everyone hates so they are forced to begin sleeping with each other although it is said they must engage in gay acts to be accepted into the fraternity. Most aren't surprised to hear such things.
Sorority girl one: is that a group of pikes?

Sorority girl two: god I hope not, I don't feel like being rufied and raped tonight by frat boys

Sorority girl one: oh no wait they are phi tau fags.

Sorority girl two: sweet they are bitches. We can over power those tools if they try shit.
by I'm full of truthiness May 23, 2008
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n. one who participates in a circle jerk with his frat brothers.

v. to take a drunk lady by force
Help! Someone call the cops, Biff is trying to fratboy me!!
by johnnybgood May 16, 2004
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An elephant-walking faggot that enjoys having bing cherries shoved up their ass by their "brothers" Generally, they are easy to spot, as they tend to drive one of two vehicle types: 1. A jacked up pick up with huge tires and spotlights, or 2. A Jeep with the same characteristics. They love to wear faggity-ass brands such as Vineyard Vines and Southern Proper. Another characteristic of the frat boy is that they are usually accompanied by a used-up sorority whore with daddy issues. These retards love to brag about their "brotherhood", and how no one in a frat can understand it. Meanwhile, these "brothers" screw each other's girlfriends, and will step all over one another in order to get what they want. Frat boys tend to believe they are superior to those not in a Greek organization, even though the only reason that they will get anywhere in life is because they ride mommy and daddy's coat tails. They claim to be all about Christian morals and chivalry. Yes, because rape, homosexuality, and domestic violence are Christian values.
Guy 1: Did you hear that Jennifer got roofied this weekend?
Guy 2: I told her not to hang out with those frat boys.
Guy 1: I wonder how she's doing.
Jennifer walks in: No harm done, when I finally came to, they were butt fucking each other.
by ordnanceguy September 04, 2012
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