Are you out of your fraking mind? There's no fraking way, aww frak this!
by scottra February 15, 2005
Can be used in place of the F. word in mixed company.
What the frak was that?
by R. Trott March 25, 2008
A typo made while sending an instant message.
you> Good moning!
me> frak!
by Dirty Sue September 16, 2008
another way to say the F word.
it comes from Battle Star Galtica
r u out of your farking mind
by gene f March 26, 2005
A term used when two people start talking. One person says something that makes the other person uncomfortable and it results in them freaking out a little bit.
Anne Marie: "Jeff, I'm going to get fitted for a wedding dress tomorrow. Maybe we can swing by a church when you're out here."

Jeff: (Frak'n out!!!!)
Introduced by Moe the RA on "Veronica Mars"

Used to replace the word Fuck.

by snarkywayyss March 9, 2007
a combination of the word "f*ck*" and "crap"
Oh frak! What happened?
by Yeypot Turtle March 27, 2008