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A censored version of frick. (please forgive me for saying it)
It is censored so that you wont offend or disturb anyone.
It is just me simply following the way of our lord and saviour.
Guy 1: FRICK
Guy 2: If you say that again then I will ban you from my christian minecraft server.
Guy 1: Oh ok I'm sorry. FR*CK
Guy 2: Perfect. Now you can express your feelings without forcing people listen to such unforgivable language.
by Skylight07 March 05, 2018
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a very very bad word that can get you into jail if u say it
do not say this it is no no
very bad don't say it ok
if you say this i will demolish you with a tractor

only meanies say this word so if you wanna be cool don't say it
Brian 1: Fr*ck I lost my baseball
(i am allowed to type it out because my mom said i could, but she said i have to censor it)
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Fr*ck is the worst word in the whole world. Legend says if you just think about the word, the sun come closer to Earth. It is also punished with a death penalty. Therefore some crazy madlads type Fr*ck instead. I do not recommend you typing this because remember the FBI is always watching. I mean no they are not. See End No Deadly Hello End Lip Please!
Person 1: Hey
Person 2: Your mom gay lol
Person 1: no u.
Person 2: Your dad lesbian lol
Person 1: Your granny tranny.
Person 2: Don't make me say it
Person 1: Try me bitch
Person 2: Fr*ck
The rest is NSFW but I guess you can say person 2 won't say it again...
by That's a yikser March 14, 2018
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