Fanta On Top, a person with Ginger i.e fanta hair.
Who's that dude with Ginger Hair at work? Oh that's FOT, poor guy gets burnt outside at 8am.
by Joelene_a October 02, 2019
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When you feel fat old and tired
Wanted to go out Friday night but B.rabe was feeling FOT, basically a cunt
by niravamin July 14, 2018
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Friend Of Tom (Scharpling) #BestShowForLyfe
I love The Best Show, I am a total FOT, it means 'Friend of Tom.'"
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by ChittyPerkins August 27, 2020
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A person who leaves their jurisdiction to find work in another.
(Tom)Hey John! Look at that FOT! (John) Tom he is taking all of our work & disrespecting our house!
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by SparkyNot164 May 22, 2018
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