Friend of the show. Someone willing to drop everything (picking up kids from school, that deadline work project, anniversary dinner with the husband) to fill an open spot on a buddy's podcast so his three listeners (mom, girlfriend and that random guy at work) have something to listen to on their work commute that week.
Man, that Brody Levin sure is one helluva FOTS, not derpy at all.
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by shockrockjock January 26, 2017
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(noun) When someone has fot, they are tough, savage, and fuckin beastly
"That guy just knocked out Alistair Ovareem!"
"Wow, he's got fot"
by Fot Master Flex September 30, 2017
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Fucking orange thing, red haired cunt
Bro have you seen the ginger ninja ?? Aye?? The fucking f.o.t. ! What’s that?? Fucking orange thing
by Ballzy as! April 05, 2018
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