a rather short person with a very short temper only to be angered by people who’ve hurt/ betrayed them. Although Foster has a hard time with people they get along with a handful and usually hangs out with one lazy ass.
How come that foster kid is always around that tall kid?”
by bertolts_gf March 09, 2021
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A Foster is a sweet guy with a funny personality and doesn’t mind being the center of attention. Foster is smooth with the girls but altho dating a lot of girls he has never found the right one.
Omg Is that foster
Yeah he’s so hot
He’s a hoe
by Kinda Trash June 19, 2019
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Extremely Good looking people of French origin.
Very kind and friendly people. Once you betray them good luck because they hold grudges that last forever. Fosters have the ability to become addicted to hard work.
Foster is a great family name
by okthen12345 May 06, 2021
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A short, freckled kid who thinks he’s all this and that, but he’s really not
Oh did Foster give you the stink eye? Don’t give him the time of day
by Cristy Bloom February 10, 2018
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