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Basic meaning is "definitely". Shortening of the term "for sure".

Typically used when genuinely excited, so usually accompanied by an exclamation mark.

Originated in early 2009 within the pseudo-indie-bizzaro-trendy scene in Perth, Australia.

Note on pronunciation:

"Fow-sh", where "fow" is like in "bow and arrow", not "fosh".
"Are we on for tonight?"
by thewordinator February 26, 2009
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shortened version of fo sho.
pronounced foe shhh.
"americas best dance crew is the best show everrr."
by E leadz July 10, 2008
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It's Fosho, without the o...recognize
Friend 1: I'm feeling pretty gnar right now. Thinking of taking these danky loper back to my chill pad and colemanationing her. Should I?
Friend 2: Fosh...
by chadg_77 September 24, 2009
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mistakenly used as a acronym meaning FUCK OFF SHIT HEAD by kewanee high school faculty members of kewanee IL. It actually is derived from for sure, but those idiots don't know anything.

not acceptable for freshmen follies t-shirts.
The principal be hatin on me for talking slang. I told him to FOSH
by black betty 16 October 21, 2008
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a word that can be used to describe anything you want in any way you want, meaning is derived for each individual situation, used strictly when talking to your soul mate, pronounced like gosh.
1) Babe you look so damn fosh I wanna bang ya now.
2) Dude I took a crap and it smelled so fosh I almost died of the bad smell.
3) That biotch is so foshingly annoying.
4) I foshingly fucking love yo booty.
by zerlugdnamairam February 04, 2005
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