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The greatest Fornite player of all time. No Fortnite player stands a chance against him. If you mess with him, he will go on to Fortnite, and he will find and kill you. If you really make him mad, he could even ban your Fortnite account. If you see him in Fortnite, you should just accept your death.
OMG I just got killed by Abdullah, he's a Fortnite prophet!
by ....'''' February 16, 2018
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There is only one fortnite prophet. This man is the most deadliest player of all. If you happen to come across him, run the other way, just give up and quit the match. However, this man is among us in the city of sauga so beware.
“Silentbang8 eliminated KraveChex” OMG it’s the fortnite prophet, run for your life.
by Fortnite Prophet March 02, 2018
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