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A Bra that is strictly function and business , no style & certainly nowhere in the realm of "sexy"

a Bra that needs a safe cracker to open.

a Bra that serves no purpose other than to Hunker down the ladies.

when a lady is bustier and she has to find a bra.. all the cute ones generally are not supportive and the uglier "supportive" ones look like something out of a mental unit

( like a straight jacket for the girls )
.. well I took my top off and jaws dropped.. what do we have here but some "fort knox tits"

"can you help me get this off".. hmm I am still trying to figure out the combo on your fort knoxtits"

"save the little bitty committee bit we are in the trenches with fort knox tits."

"went Bra shopping today .. bummed again .. all I could find were fort knox tits"
by kymakazi June 10, 2012
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