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a whimpy person, which keeps crying and complaining about how terrible their life is, although they are better off than anyone else around them, e.g. having hiphop-gangsta-playa-style clothes bought for them by their mother which are worth several hundred dollars, a suit for several hundred dollars, a macbook for several thousand dollars, have had a married five year older girlfriend who allowed them to have analsex with her all the time, spend most of the time smoking best quality weed while everyone else is forced to smoke cheap pot while not willing to share it, have got busted while driving their car stoned and drunk several times withouth having to lose their driving license because their mother knew the local police chief, and so on.

a forster will always cry and bitch and tell everyone how he or she will blow his or her brains out with his father's gun. he or she will always tell their problems to everyone, no matter whether that person wants to hear them or not. however, if demanded to return the favor of listening to one own's problems, they will not listen to you and instead start to ignore you.

synonyms: pussy, emo, faggot
the sun does not shine today. damn i feel so forster.
by epicph41l March 08, 2008
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depressed, emo, smitten, struck, down
A: "Oh no, my girlfriend left me! I want to kill myself!"
B: "Dude, quit being so forster already."
by Kabioli March 08, 2008
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