OK, here goes... slowly:
The word describes a very populare game, which is played all over the world.
The word consists of two parts, which quite accurately descibes the game:
1) Foot
2) Ball

Part 1) Foot. This means that the foot is the main body part involved when playing this game.
Part 2) Ball. This means that the game is played with a spheric (globe-shaped) object.

This definition seems to be understood all over the world, except in the US, where they have misunderstood both parts of the word. Instead of using their feet, they mainly use their hands. And, instead of using a ball, they use an egg-shaped object.
(Somewhere in the world, exept USA): -Let's play football!
Reaction: they play football

(Somwhere in USA): -Let's play football!
Reaction: they play some strange game, not involving a ball, and hardly using their feet.
by SengaSengana October 06, 2010
The round form of the drug Zanax that also comes in another form called sticks this form is in the shape of a football.
She just bought three footballs, you want one?
by Alz February 26, 2005
A place on urbandictionary.com where obnoxious eurofags bitch about how Americans call football soccer and vice versa.
pretentious european 1#: I can't believe that America is the only nation in the world that calls football soccer. That's suck bollocks!

pretentious european #2: Quite, really. And they're bloody stupid as well; most Americans don't even know what the capital of our country is!

Pretentious european #1: Yes, and at least our queen didn't fuck over the entire Middle-Eastern area.

pretentious european #2: Yes, God bless the queen.
by your-friend July 12, 2008
the sport of American (or Gridiron) football is called so because we wanted a sport that was european football and rugby combined. the first version of american football had the punter kick it and players going down feild to catch the ball (pretty much feet passing, then it was switched to the passing seen today). and it was originally callled "American Football" which is why the first professional american football league was called the "American Football League"(which later merged with the NFL). it was called "american" because it is our version of your game. Pretty soon, we dropped the word "american" out of it and it became "football" so all of this is just a big misunderstanding! lol ---- from a guy who likes both american and european football

also, both sports are VERY physical, and I"ve never played rugby (i have watched though, and it's pretty cool) but getting tackled in football HURTS!!!! the pads don't do much when there's a 6'6" guy with 275 pounds of muscle trying to rip your head off!
all I'm trying to say is yes, we copied your name, but on ACCIDENT! just remember that it's just a misunderstanding.... I'm sorry for all of these ignorant assholes making the rest of us american football fans look like,.......well,.......ignorant assholes.
Football is the real name of "soccer." It is all about passion and team work, 1 player doesn't win the world cup, but all 11 players. For some people, football is not a game, it is life, it is filled with ups and downs like other sports but it should not be put next to American Football. American Football has 1 season every year and then stop, but Football is widely play, after a season players get called up to play for there national teams, including during the season, that makes it more difficult that's why you need endurance and ability.
Football players earn more than American football players.
by Zachlo June 10, 2008
No that's wrong. xanax is made in a few different doses. The small round ones that are peach in color are called peaches. The slightly larger dose which is blue in color and looks like a smaller version of midol (football shaped) is a football. The largest dose which is white and rectangular is called a bar. All are loosely called xanxa-cookies.
dude 1: Want some xanxa-cookies?
dude 2: Whatchoo got? Peaches, footballs, bars?
by mikewin September 09, 2010
Nickname for the president's briefcase that houses a laptop that is rumored to have strategic command capability.

Believed to be in the charge of the federal courier service and not the secret service.
The Football is handcuffed to the courier's wrist.
by Seriphimarchangel November 19, 2008

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