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A fake football fan. More likely to be seen on the Internet than in the stadium, where he usually annoys the real football fans with his smugness, while knowing shit about the game. Follows trendy teams like Dortmund and Napoli and is the first to leave the sinking ship.
Football hipster: Oh my. Your incorrect spelling matches with your unillumined knowledge of todays modern football. Pardon, total ignorance or simply deliberate forgery?

Real fan: Get lost, douchebag!
by jarraj November 22, 2013
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An individual who makes it very well known he supports a football club after they achieve a certain feat or achievement. A Football Hipster will post heavily on social mediums to reinforce that they've been long term fans.
Borussia Dortmund were dark horse's in last years Champions League and when they reached the finals many Football hipsters jumped on there band wagon.
Dave: Did you see the Champions League last night? Dortmund did well to get that far.
Bill: Ive supported Dortmund my whole life, I believed in them all the way.
Dave: Shut the fuck up. Football Hipster.
by KeyKeyWhitsWhits. November 03, 2013
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