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Foot snorkeling is a means of maintaining the optimum temperature for getting to sleep on those nights when a duvet cover or blanket provides too much heat, while the use of a sheet alone would provide too little.

It involves allowing a foot to protrude outside the duvet so as to achieve a cooling and ventilating effect, not just for the foot, but for the entire body. As such, the foot acts like a snorkel for the aspiring sleeper, providing a constant supply of air. Foot snorkeling is especially useful when sharing a bed with an exquisitely beautiful and sexy woman.
-God Almighty, Liam, I didn't sleep a wink last night. These balmy summer days are great, but trying to get a decent kip is a nightmare. I'm waking up every two hours bathed in my own sweat. If the weather continues like this I'm going to have to go out and buy one of those summer duvets.
-Well Margaret, don't be hasty, you know what the weather's like in this country. The day you buy your summer duvet the temperature will in all likelihood drop by ten degrees, and you'll probably never use the thing again. However, your problem could easily be overcome through judicious use of the foot snorkeling technique.

-The foot snorkeling technique? How does that work?
-It's very simple. Take off all your clothes and get into my bed and I'll give you a demonstration.
by Borgesian September 22, 2010
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