Foot fetish is when you have a strong obsession and desire for feet. You only think about feet, and you only look at people's feet. Males tend to have foot fetish more often than females.
Samantha always walks around barefoot, and she always has her toenails painted. Her feet are so sexy... all I want to do is make love to them. I must have foot fetish.
by Seth March 27, 2004
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Foot fetish is when a person takes a strong liking to feet or footwear - Like a noticable, sexual interest in feet. Fact: Elvis Presley had a foot fetish.
Lara: Alex, why are you rubbing your face in that shoe?
Alex: To fulfil my foot fetish needs, why do you think?
by Laraisajew August 20, 2008
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I wish i could see her stick her toe up another chick's ass hole then i would suck her toe and nut all over her hot sexy feet
by yo mama March 6, 2004
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A foot fetish is the condition that mostly males are born with.
Most males with a foot fetish desire female feet.
Females with a foot fetish are rare.
They both grow up in a society that tells them that feet are dirty and discusting and stink. But as they grow up- they discover that feet are beautiful, smell good, taste good, and provide that all allusive aphrodisiac that don't exist. Anyone who has a foot fetish dreams of smelling, kissing, licking, sucking, worshipping feet. No one knows where this desire comes from.. however it is not something that you discover one day out of the blue. 98% of foot fetish people just say "All my life - as long as I can remember - I've thought about feet." Jim is a good example. He got married to Sandy - a girl that had the cutest little feet he ever saw. He hid his foot fetish from her. But on the wedding night - he kissed her feet as a way to show her how much he was in love with her. Sandy loved it! She got all wet.
Now Dave didn't do as well. On the wedding night- he also kissed his bride's feet... and she "flipped." "You are sick" left the next day.
OMG! I met this dude at the bar and he has a foot fetish! He tried to kiss my feet! EWWW!!!

by tsaw February 7, 2009
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A huge desire to lick, smell, touch, taste, see, female feet.
Gemma took off her flip flops and pointed to them, after i had licked the sweat off them, i stripped naked and buried my face under her soles, the smell was simply divine, after she even let me eat her toe dirt.
by gemma's foot slave March 3, 2005
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A fetish for the feet of the opposite sex. Mainly occurs in men as pretty much other fetishes. Foot fetish may sound strange to you but it's actually natural. It is one of the fetishes a male developes (Mine did when i was six!). Some guys when they see a pretty chick check out her ass or rack, but foot fetish guys check out her feet. When they see a girl with pretty feet they stop everything just to get a good glimpse at them. Most girls enjoy guys looking at their feet, though see it as strange but intresting that males are attracted to what they use to walk. Most foot fetish guys (like me) prefer a chick wearing blue or black tightly loose caprice and a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt and barefooted. If that girl was sitting on the floor, legs strecthed out, stretching their feet back and forth, and the guy was at the foot end, his thing will grow six times its size. I mean everytime my cousin (no im not a pervert) has her feet in my face like that, wiggiling her toes, her face calm, the expression on that face when i tickle them, oh man it really turns me on! Usually tall guys get foot fetish.

Even roman emperors had foot fetishes and Josef Stalin did too!
Boy with foot fetish: Oh my god you're feet are gorgious!
Preety girl fitting the description in definition: Yeah, i cleaned them just for you!
by brahim February 12, 2008
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Every part of the female body except for underarms can turn a man on. That includes feet sometimes. God made us. He formed the woman.
I have a female fetish
by Veuve Clicquot Champagne February 19, 2004
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