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Food mms;
A picture message of food someone is about to enjoy


food mmsing;
The rewarding act of sending someone you know a picture or video message of a meal which you are about to enjoy.

the reward can be sadistic in nature and comes from the
knowing that the person you are food-mmsing is stuck at the office eating a cold packed lunch, and/or that you are about to consume their favourite food and they are completely unable to join you in these affairs, and thus can proceed to enjoy the meal with the additional gratification of being assured a frustrated response from the second party.

food mmsing works best when you make small additional efforts to add vivid, concise text descriptions to the mms.

For example when food mmsing a picture of an iced coffee, here are some suggestions to complement the shot for maximum impact:

ie. "Nothing beats a delicious iced coffee with cream! Mmm, this is so delicious, want some?"

eg. "I am absolutely going to smash this immaculate iced coffee with soft sweet cream! pure indulgence!"

The picture of the food should be as clear as possible, and for maximum impact try holding up a spoonful / forkful of the food to the lens so the intended recipient knows it's on its way to your mouth.
Stef (sitting in office at the computer): *phone goes off*... *opens message* .... "Oh that bastard!"

Jack (also in office): "Anything the matter Stef?"

Stef: "That bastard arsehole friend of mine from school just sent me a picture of a coffee flan that he's about to eat, I love coffee flan!!"

Jack: "Har har har cop it sweet, sounds to me like you've just been hit with a food mms!!"
by gonzo.0 August 23, 2009
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