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An erection caused by dining on something delicious. Occurs most often when having a great meal for the first time a long while. Also appears when you least expect it, and is hard to control if you are enjoying your dish quite slowly.
I hadn't eaten Subway in so long, and I was missing my buffalo chicken special. I got one tonight and I took one bite and could not believe how perfectly toasty and warm and fresh everything was on it this time, that I ended up getting a food boner. Never has a sub gotten me hard like this before!
by ThatOneFoxGuy November 25, 2013
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An erection that occurs whilst thinking about having a steamy threesome with your roommate and his large, hawaiian pizza.
Dude, I have such a raging foodboner right now.
by IHeartCthulhu June 23, 2011
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To enjoy a meal that is so delicious it stimulates your sexual organs thus resulting in a food boner.
My dick hurts today from the massive food boner that steak gave me last night.

Patricia ate one of my bagels I brought home from Manhattan and I could see her leaking from her pants, total food boner bro.
by Dommyb11 May 16, 2011
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when one becomes aroused at the sight of food. Happens in anticipation of a good meal.
I got a food boner yesterday when i saw how much bacon there was
by Gurt B Frobe August 10, 2006
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When the anticipation of really good food is so great and the person in question gets a boner/other erotic feelings. These feelings are often accompanied by foodgasms.
person 1: god, the smell of this Chinese food is giving me a food boner
person 2: TMI, but yeah me too
by The Earl Of Pudding January 28, 2017
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