When a really skinny person (usually male) eats too much food, their stomach visibly protrudes outward forming a belly that looks quite like a preggers woman.

Really they are just a fatty.

Effect is enhanced by tight t-shirts.
I ate too much. I have a food baby.

I am carrying the food baby of that entire frozen pizza.
by TheMammonMachine October 12, 2009
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The act of pooping after consuming a large amount of food that created a baby bump.
I just ate so much chipotle I will be attending the clinic in my bathroom for my second Food baby abortion today.
by the abortionist June 25, 2012
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Taking a huge dump after eating an even bigger meal. Often feels like you have lost a significant amount of weight and often appears as if the bulge in your stomach is gone.
I really had to abort the food baby before my meeting since I ate so much at the Indian Buffet.
by gradschoolfool January 27, 2010
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When one consumes a large meal, the meal expands the stomach, creating what is termed "the food baby." When one vomits they are in fact aborting their food baby, which, by default, puts bulimia awareness on the pro-life agenda.
Angela is in the bathroom aborting the food baby because of her self-esteem issues.
by toopher2000 October 6, 2008
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Man I really have to birth a food baby after all that food!
by anniethedog December 4, 2014
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People who have long-term food babies (people who are fat) have liposuction to remove some of this fat. In this instance, liposuction is the abortion of a food baby.
She said she spent the summer taking care of her sick grandmother and she lost weight because she had nothing better to do than work out, but she told me secretly that she really had a food baby abortion.
by IHeartFood October 17, 2010
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taking a laxative to poop after eating so much, that your stomach looks pregnant (see, food baby).
After I ate so much I looked like I had a food baby, I had to take a laxative, and I had a food baby abortion a few hours earlier.
by Jenif4 October 13, 2010
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