when you have eated a truly stupid amount of food, thus having streached your stomach into a shape that resembles that of a pregnant lady, execpt your baby is made out of food, thus the name Food Baby. Food babies are often the product of eating rampages.
by ilovebj July 29, 2010
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1. A food baby is what happens after all the food you eat is digested and comes out of your butthole, this "food baby" then continues feeding others, in many different ways.
Dude #1: "Man, you ate so much Taco Bell earlier!"
Dude #2: "I'm definatly going to have a food baby soon."
Dude #3: "Don't forget to spray!"
by nofxorelse June 28, 2006
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when someone has a larger stomach which resembles being pregnant
Juno: I'm pregnant.
Friend: Are you sure it isn't a food baby?
by ninja cheerleader August 13, 2008
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When you poop, a food baby comes out.

Dude, your food baby stopped up the terlit!
I know... I ate a giant burrito yesterday and some hummus. The labor lasted at least half an hour. I needed an epidural.
by Evian Bidet April 25, 2008
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After a very large meal, when your stomach bulges a little with food, and you can kinda pretend you're pregnant, but the baby inside is only actually food.
After the five course meal, Jessica's food baby was so large that a guy asked her when she was due.
by sleepnix February 20, 2009
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A kind of belly that you get after eating a ton of food, where to the point where your belly is like a woman's child in the womb, where the term gets it's name. This fortunately is temporary, considering you shit all of the food away in the end of the process.
Oh god... *buraaap!* I-I think I have ate too much food... got a damn Food baby right now... *urp* I think I should probably let it rest...
by That2000'sKid October 27, 2017
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A bulging stomach created by eating too much. Or feeling bloated resembling early stages of pregnancy.
Donna: "I just ate a so much i have a food baby"
Jenny: "Yeah looks like you're finishing your first trimester"
by CbelleQ August 7, 2009
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