A bulging stomach created by eating too much. Or feeling bloated resembling early stages of pregnancy.
Donna: "I just ate a so much i have a food baby"
Jenny: "Yeah looks like you're finishing your first trimester"
by CbelleQ August 07, 2009
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1. A lower abdominal region so bloated from overeating or poor eating as to be distended, round, hard, or otherwise resembling the abdominal region of a woman in the later stages of pregnancy.

2. An episode of defecation preceded by a particularly heinous cramping and/or gas experience wherein one's intestines feel as though they have been stretched beyond capacity, one's colonic and/or anal region may or may not experience tearing, and sweating is likely to occur. Panting, groaning, screeching or crying out may occur, and a period of rest is generally required afterward, the length of which being dependent on such factors as (a) size of food baby in weight and length, (b) duration of labor, and (c) general fitness prior to delivery.
1. "Mom, do you still have your maternity pants in the attic? I at so much turkey this Thanksgiving that I think I'll be expecting a food baby at some point between this evening and tomorrow morning."

2. "Someone put an extra roll of Scott and a bottle of ice chips in the bathroom. John just went into labor and his food baby is ready to join the world."
by Mangan's Sister December 04, 2011
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A bloated, enlarged, or extremely full abdominal region after having eaten an exorbitant amount of food. Food babies generally cause discomfort and possible gas or embarrassment, but are unavoidable on occasions such as Thanksgiving.
I ate a chocolate cream pie this morning, and I've had a huge food baby all day.
by littlegreenie March 16, 2009
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The effect of eating so much that your stomach resembles a pregnant woman's.
"Wow I'm full, look at my Food Baby."
"Gee that burrito really gave me a Food Baby."
"Dude I got to go I'm about to give birth to my Food Baby."
by NateDoggville August 10, 2009
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When someone eats a large amount of food causing them to look pregnant
Aaron had just finished his 5 course meal At the hotel. He leaned back and belched loudly rubbing his food baby
Hey can I have another pizza? He asked the waiter next to him
by ethansawsome2002 June 13, 2016
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A food baby is the result of gastrointestinal gestation of food which results in you giving birth to a massive turd which may result in an anal fissure.
"Nick got taco drunk last night, and he has spent the last 20 minutes in labor pushing out his foodbaby."
by Gaff Stabb December 31, 2015
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When a person, typically a thin one, indulges in a large amount of food which makes their stomach stick out from the fullness as if they're pregnant.
In the movie Juno:

Juno: I'm pregnant.
Leah: What? Honest to blog?
Juno: Yeah. Yeah, it's Bleekers.
Leah: It's probably just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch?
Juno: No, this is not a food baby all right?
by udrocks March 25, 2008
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