the most annoying phrase a mother can say
"mom! can we please go to McDonalds?"
"no sweetie, we have food at home"
by 🚁 May 18, 2020
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The same prepackaged food you have been living off of for the past 5 years or the omega poor meal you put together despite living in a two story house, owning yeezys/tims, only wearing "designer clothing", and blowing 2k of your moms credit card on vbucks last week like it was no big deal.
Me: mom can we stop at McDonald's

Mom: we have food at home

Food at home:
by Pee Doge January 5, 2021
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When you ask your mom for food at a restaurant and she will say this phrase. If you get lucky you will go somewhere to eat. You will most likely get annoyed when your mom says this.
You: Hey mom can we get some food at insert restaurant here?

Mom: No we have food at home
by Yeetus_beligus November 10, 2019
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