Fontana is a city in west San Bernardino County (east San Bernardino County is adjacent to the states of Nevada and of Arizona).

Fontana is mostly comprised of working class housing; it has a racially & ethnically mixed population. It also has much more street gang and street drug activity than most folks would want.

Speaking of gangs, Fontana is the birthplace of a famous old gang...the Hell's Angels.

Speaking of birthplace, Kaiser Permanente Health Care began in Fontana during World War II; originally started as Employee Health for the large Kaiser Steel Mill.

When the Kaiser Steel Mill closed in the early '80's, it caused a substantial down-turn in the local economy. Parts of town became very crime-ridden, especially in the redneck "Fontucky" area.

The closed-down steel plant was later used for the location shots in the film, "Terminator 2".

The closed steel plant was dismantled & shipped to China to be reassembled for steel production in that country.

The California Speedway was built by Roger Penske on the old Steel Mill regularly is used for NASCAR events.

It's true, there truly is a rough side to's not Beverly Hills, but things do happen there.
"What's the best line to pick up a meth-head chick in a bar in Fontana?...

'Nice tooth!'".
by Stargon76 July 15, 2012
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Top Definition
Fontana is a city in east san bernadino county(thats in california for all u other people).Fontana stared as a housing development for middle class families, eventually people started buying homes here and the city grew a bit,but all of the sudden the value of the houses dropped and a grip of ghetto people started moving there from santa ana, pomona, days fontana is a ghetto ass city with a mountain view and liqour stores filled with is rumored that fontana was built over a cursed native american cemetary.there is a haunted house on foothill ave. in fontana.
Mabey the reason for Fontana turning ghetto was that ole curse.
by Dimebag Darrell August 27, 2005
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town were most beaners live now..
my favorite town in this country nd world!! =]
fontana,is were all my mexican friends live! =] para siembre bitches!!
by CHRiSBROWNLOVERR99 January 01, 2008
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A small city in San Bernadino,California. Many believe this city was built on a native american cemitary. However, this myth is proven to be false,Fontana is just like any other small town.Although Fontana is now constantly being occupied with people from the ghetto, it is still a very safe location. Very little, if any serious felonies have been committed in this city.
She was born in the city of Fontana.
by BVB4Life April 17, 2012
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a measure of slutdom
She is such a decifontana.
by Max Cant November 21, 2004
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Taking a shower with a person from the opposite sex.
Yo, my dog took a fontana with his girl on prom night!
by Jigga Diesel November 07, 2007
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