Foie Gras is a french ingredient, which is the duck liver, and fatted. The ducks or goose that they use are overfeeded by a funnel sometimes, this is illegal in some places of the world. It can also be combined with fine truffles.
Pâté de foie gras served picnic-style with a Sauternes wine and bread.
by Josh Diaz July 17, 2006
The diseased liver from a tortured bird. Often eaten by people who want to feel important and prestigious.
Dax: Avery, you must have some foie gras today.
Avery: Foie gras? Isn't that when a goose is force fed so that

his liver enlarges and becomes diseased? No thanks.
Dax: Oh, don't be silly. That is not it at all. The geese don't mind at all being fed in this way. And it is a delicacy. All of the important people eat it. You will feel important and prestigious when you eat it.
by Jane Doeski October 14, 2012
To Foie Gras is to insert your dick deep into a woman's throat, cumming inside while she non-willingly chokes on it. Considered to many as a delicatessen and of high class.
by Willy Wonka III January 12, 2012
A sex act in which you hold your partner's mouth open with your fingers, inserting your cock as far as it can go until you cum, until you effectively 'force feed' them your jizz.
I thought I was in for a regular BJ, but then that asshole pulled a foie gras on me!
by Zandelion November 12, 2013
The literal translation is "fat liver” in French, but Poles have since applied this by injecting alcoholic beverages via a “tube” (shot glass) into humans. This is a good o’l Polish tradition of treating foreigners and guests for that matter by Polish peak of engineering invention: “the Polish foie gras” 🍸 🦆 . This process is usually pleasant while it occurs. During the process Poles tend to shout “na zdrowie” and pour vodka down fellow drinkers throat 😀.
Richard, would you like to come to a Polish wedding? No, sorry Tomasz, I have had too much Polish foie gras in the past week, I need to rest. Ok, Richard I understand - I will see you later tonight.
by ToMassman September 18, 2019
The process of eating a huge amount of food very quickly, stuffing oneself to the point of making one feel as if he/she is a duck force-fed to grow its liver for harvest
A: I'm so baked, I'm going full foie gras on that pizza as soon as it gets here.
(30 second pause)
B: You baked a pizza?
(30 second pause)
A: What? No, I ordered it from Domino's.

(30 second pause)
B: Domino's sells pizza with foie gras? That's some fancy shit.
A: Wait. What? Never mind.
by azlefty July 18, 2015
The process in which a religious diety and beliefs are forced upon a person in a way similar to the creation of Foi Gras. (I.E Jamming it down their throat)
She jammed God down his throat like he was a Holy Foie Gras
by FionaX October 24, 2006